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You can find all the photos from the 1992 Games at Barcelona that are owned by or donated to the Australian Paralympic Committee here. These images are licensed under Creative Commons and are free to use, if you acknowledge the source and ownership of the images.

The¬†National Library has recorded oral history interviews with a number of participants in the 1992 Games:¬† Athletes –¬†¬†Libby Kosmala,¬†Michael Nugent,¬†¬†Terry Giddy, Eric and Julie Russell,¬†¬†John Eden,¬†Russell Short,¬†David Gould,¬†Chris Scott, Priya Cooper, Louise Sauvage, Liesl Tesch ;¬†Team officials –¬†¬†George Dunstan¬†(Chef¬† de Mission),¬†¬†Paul Bird¬†¬†Dr John Bourke¬†(Medical Director),¬†Norma Beer,¬†Jane Buckley,¬† Adrienne Smith, Chris Nunn, Jenny Banks, Anne Green,¬†Don Perriman

Australian Team Handbook – Barcelona Paralympics 1992 published by the Australian Paralympic Federation has brief profiles of team members.

Go to the Wikipedia article Australia at the 1992 summer Paralympics which has been created by contributors to the Australian Paralympic History Project and follow the links to the articles about Australia’s athletes and their sports.

The website of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has a database of historical results and information and material about every Paralympic Games.

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