Privacy Policy

P-OPP-003 – PA Privacy Policy

  1. Policy purpose

Paralympics Australia (PA) understands the importance of protecting personal information in its possession. PA is committed to ensuring that personal information provided is handled properly and with all due car.

PA Privacy Policy summarises how personal information is managed by PA. It complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988.

  1. Policy Statements

The policy statements are set out in Attachment One in a format to comply with legal requirements.

  1. Conditions


  1. Provision

The policy is set out in an approved format for publication as Attachment 1, below.

  1. Application

This policy applies to anyone about whom PA obtains personal information.


P-OPP-003 Attachment 1 – Privacy Policy

Paralympics Australia (PA) ABN 41 810 234 213 understands the importance of protecting personal information in its possession. We are committed to ensuring that your personal information provided is handled properly and with all due care. PA complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. A brief summary of how your personal information will be managed is set out in this policy.

Personal information

Information (including an opinion) is treated as personal information if the subject individual can be identified from that information.

Collection of information

Only necessary personal information is collected. Personal information will be collected directly whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so. At or before collection reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that awareness is made of the purpose of collection and the extent to which that information maybe disclosed. Personal information does not have to be given, but if not given further assistance may not be possible. This possibility will be indicated to the client at the time.

The type of personal information PA may collect about athletes, coaches, staff, supporters and others involved in PA corporate activities and programs may include:

  • Name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, passport details.
  • Next of kin
  • Disability details, medical history
  • Paralympic classification details
  • Medications
  • Biographical information
  • Frequent flyer number and special needs when traveling
  • Bank Account details

Sensitive information

Information that is regarded as sensitive under the Privacy Act 1998 such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs will not be collected unless consent has been given.

Use and disclosure

Personal information will be used or disclosed for the purpose it was given (primary purpose). It will be used for other purposes (secondary purpose) only if:

  • Consent to the purpose is expressed or implied;
  • The use/disclosure is related to the main purpose of the collection and the client would reasonably expect it to be used in such a way; or
  • It is required by law or some other compulsion to disclose such information permitted in National Privacy Policy 2.

The personal information we collect from you may be used to:

  • Process competition applications for state, national and international events sanctioned by PA and/or the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
  • Provide information to the IPC, Australian Sports Commission, State Sports Institutes and Academies and NSOD’s and NSO’s to facilitate participation in athlete development and preparation programs.
  • Provide information to the Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASADA) to facilitate participation in National and International substance testing and monitoring programs.
  • Provide relevant medical history information to the official medical authorities associated with approved state, national and international sporting events.
  • Supply organisations with background information for your public speaking activities.
  • Pay salaries and reimburse authorised expenses (related to bank account details).
  • Supply the media with team member biographical information and place such information on the PA website.
  • Make travel bookings.
  • Enable medical staff to prepare for and preform their roles in injury prevention and treatment.
  • Prepare mail-outs
  • Assist PA to provide regulatory information for Australian Taxation and other government authorities, as required by legislation.

Quality and security

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the security of personal information held and that the personal information collected, disclosed and used is complete and accurate. The information when no longer needed will be destroyed and de-identified.

Access and correction

Access to personal information or notification of any change to the information should be made to:

Ph: (02) 9704 0500


Sharing information with third parties

PA will only give your contact details to a third party where required to by law, or where you have given your permission, either directly in writing or through an agreement. Please be assured that PA takes steps to protect our supporters’ privacy when external distribution centres are used.

Concerns or complaints

Concerns or complaints in relation to the heading of personal information should be directed to:

Ph: (02) 9704 0500


Effect of policy

This is a policy not a contract and PA reserves the right to review its privacy policy from time to time and notify you of any amended policy by posting an updated version of it on the PA website. The amended Privacy Policy will then apply irrespective of whether PA has given you the specific notice of any amendment.