The full Beijing team was launched by a new Prime Minister at Parliament House

The full Australian team for the 2008 Beijing Paralympics was launched at Parliament House in Canberra by the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. The launch was attended by more than 40 federal members of parliament from all parties, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia and a range of invited guests, and representative athletes from every sport. In addition to receiving wide media coverage, the launch helped cement support from federal parliamentarians. Right to left in this photo: Kate Ellis (Minister for Sport), Greg Hartung (APC President), Kevin Rudd (Prime Minister), Therese Rein (wife of the Prime Minister and daughter of pioneer Australian 1957 Stoke Mandeville Games competitor John Rein), Wayne Swann (Federal Treasurer), Zhang Junsai (Chinese Ambassador to Australia), Bill Shorten (Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services).