2006, Torino


The 2006 Torino Winter Paralympic Games were quite different from previous Paralympics in two, key respects. Firstly, wheelchair curling was introduced for the first time alongside the longer-established sports of Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Ice Sledge Hockey and Nordic skiing. Secondly, an overhaul of the classification system had also occurred since the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. Whereas previously there were seven classes of standing skiers, and three classes of both sit-skiers and vision-impaired athletes, in Torino classes were collapsed to create a single class for each standing, sitting and vision-impaired event. Athletes from each class competed together and their times were adjusted (through a standardising factor) for each category of standing, sitting and vision-impaired athletes. In essence, the number of medal events was drastically reduced in Torino. While there had been 92 events in three sports at the Salt Lake City Games, in Torino there were only 58 events (even though there was one more sport).


Unique/Special Features:

In the Torino Games, television coverage was augmented by the first, live internet television channel, ParalympicSport.TV, which telecast 150 hours of live coverage. This extended selected highlights to areas where media coverage had been, in previous Games, poor or non-existent.


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