Key sponsors and supporters got a firsthand experience of the Games

For the 2000 Sydney Paralympics and since, the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) sought to engage key sponsors and other supporters with the Australian team during the Games, to promote an understanding of the Games themselves and of the Australian team and its athletes. At the Torino winter Paralympics the sponsors and supporters group stayed near the Games’ venues in Sestriere and had a number of opportunities to interact with the athletes and team staff. The group included Ron Finneran and Steve Gibb from the APC’s program partner Disabled Wintersport Australia, Peter and Marion Evans (Toyota), Ross Cunningham (Star City), Kim and Judith Clifford (Thredbo Resorts), Belinda Green and Steve Mason (Desert Duel fundraiser organisers), John and Susie Croll (Media Monitors), Anthony Fanning (Healthe) and promotional competition winners Brian and Samuel Hardaker. The group was led by APC Board members Joyce Parzsos, Steve Loader and Justin Holdforth. Most of the group had been or were to become long term supporters of the APC and the Paralympic movement.