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You can find photos from the 1976 Toronto Games that are owned by or donated to Paralympics Australia here. These images are licensed under Creative Commons and are free to use, if you acknowledge the source and ownership of the images.
The National Library has recorded oral history interviews with Eric Russell, who caused great controversy in Toronto by refusing to accept one of his medals as a protest against the politicisation of the Games, Julie Russell, who competed on the track, Richard Jones, who was the Team Leader, Frank Ponta, who attended his 5th and final Games in 1976, Libby Kosmala (nee Richards), who won the first ever Paralympic shooting gold medal, Kevin Bawden, who – like Libby – went from archery to shooting. And you can listen to Don Worley tell about how he filmed the Games – without his work, much of the content here would not exist. Just click on their name in this paragraph to go to their interview. Each of them has summaries so that you can quickly find parts of the interviews that interest you.Most of the visual record of Australia’s participation at the 1976 summer Paralympics comes from film made by Don Worley, who accompanied the team as an ‘escort’. Ostensibly assigned to assist with athlete needs, Don spent much of his time with a movie camera, recording the Games. Don donated his film to the National Film and Sound Archive, which digitised and preserved it. Don has made the film and stills from it available to Paralympics Australia for use on this site. You can find out more about Don’s films here.

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