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Looking for more about the 1962 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, Perth, Western Australia?

The National Library has recorded oral history interviews with a number of participants in the 1962 Games: Daphne Ceeney/Hilton first interviewDaphne Ceeney/Hilton second interviewFrank PontaGary Hooper, Bruno Moretti, Kevin Cunningham, Chris O’Brien,  Bill Mather-Brown. 

There was an official programme, report and film on the Games

Read the book written by Bill Mather-Brown (“The Fight in the Dog“). Mather-Brown’s book is also available as an audio book.

Go to the Wikipedia article 1962 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games which has been created by contributors to the Australian Paralympic History Project and follow the links to the articles about Australia’s athletes and their sports.

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