It was difficult for the equestrian team to feel part of the wider team

Equestrian was introduced to the Paralympics for the first time at the Atlanta Paralympic Games, with 68 riders from 16 nations taking part in dressage competitions. The venue for Equestrian was more than 50km from Atlanta and the teams stayed on site during the Games, which gave them a feeling of isolation from the Games and the Australian team. In Atlanta, the host nation provided the horses on which the riders would compete. The horses used in the Games were loaned by American owners. Given the very specific requirements and training required of Para-equestrian horses, the quality of horses provided was not always up to the expected standard and so an athlete’s result could be very dependent upon the quality of the horse allocated to them. The Australian team of five athletes recorded a best finish of fifth. Left to right, back row: Margaret Reynolds, Jodi Worrall (Personal Care Attendant), Susan Haydon, Mary Longden (coach), Mandy Waalwyk, Sue-Ellen Lovett (nee Lee); Front row, left to right: Sharon Konemann and Sally Francis (assistant coach).