Australians Table Tennis Team at the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

From one green table to another, here are Australia’s table tennis winners. Ken Mouran a 1b quad from QLD won the bronze in his event. He plays in a able bodied competition at home and has remarkable control for a quadriplegic. Peter Marsh has the bat strapped to his hand as he is in class 1a, with very limited finger and hand movement. He won the silver medal in his class. A normal table is used and there is only minor modifications of able bodied rules. Players with limited balance normally anchor their chairs, whereas the more mobile lower legions can move their chairs around quite spectacularly during play. Barbara Worley teamed with Elaine Shriver to win the class 2 women’s doubles. Here she is playing her singles against Jill Matthews of England, who was he eventual runner up to Elaine in the singles final. This is Elaine’s match against Doherty of Northern Ireland. The table tennis results were encouraging for the Australian players as they were up against very experienced competitors from Great Britain. Our players get very little top class paraplegic match practice at home.