Australian team 50-year reunion Rome Summer Paralympics

Seven members of the 1960 Australian Paralympic Team – the first – at the reunion to mark the 50th anniversary of the Games. The team members and their partners were guests of honour at the 2010 Australian Paralympian of the Year Awards. All but one of the pictured athletes were accompanied by their long-term wives or husbands. Of the 12 athletes who attended the Games, eight were still alive 50 years later (Frank Ponta was too ill to attend). L to R (athlete and partner): Chris O’Brien with his sister; Daphne Hilton (nee Ceeney) and husband Frank; Gary Hooper and wife Jan; APC President Greg Hartung; Bruno Moretti and wife Scarlett; Kevin Coombs and wife Linda; Kevin Cunningham and wife Maureen; and Bill Mather-Brown and wife Nadine.