Australia at the Innsbruck Winter Paralympics 1984

Three Australian athletes and one guide participated in these Games: Rodney Mill (cross country skiing), Peter Smythe (guide for Mill), Kyrra Grunnsund (alpine skiing) and Andrew Temple (alpine skiing) They were supported by the Australian Disabled Skiers Federation, established in 1978 and now called Disabled Wintersport Australia. Also in attendance were Chef de Mission Ron Finneran and Alpine coach Bruce Abel (both founders and early presidents of the Australian Disabled Skiers Federation) and alpine skiing coach James Milner.

The three Australian athletes contested two of the three sports offered in these Games: Alpine and Cross-Country Skiing. No Australians competed in the ice sledge speed racing events. Grunnsund was the top-ranked Australian performer, finishing fifth in the men’s combination event.

Three Australian athletes participated in these Games: Rodney Mill (Cross-Country Skiing), Kyrra Grunnsund (Alpine Skiing) and Andrew Temple (Alpine Skiing).