At the 1953 Stoke Mandeville Games, another Australian

Six nations participated in the 2nd International Stoke Mandeville Games in 1953, which were held over two days in August: 25 groups of athletes from Canada, Finland, France, Israel and the Netherlands joined the British teams. A flag with six white stars to represent these six countries was designed for the event. Some individuals from other countries also participated, including Australian Tom Butler from Manjimup, Western Australia, who was receiving treatment for paralysis at Stoke Mandeville following an industrial accident in 1947. Butler won the backstroke event in swimming, the newest sport to be added to a line-up that included archery, javelin, netball, snooker and table tennis. Club swinging and dartchery were demonstration events in 1953.

For the second time in its short history, an Australian patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital competed in the Stoke Mandeville Games.