Australia at the 1975 FESPIC Games

Australia planned to send 30 athletes to the first FESPIC Games in Oita, Japan, in June 1975.

In the ACT, fundraising was conducted to send 3 athletes to the Games – Peter Dominick, Rick Scherren, Dennis Kennedy. All 3 were basketballers who also competed in other events.

Australia won 148 medals, second to Japan in the overall medal count.

Blind athlete Jago Mikulic won 4 gold medals and one silver in track and field competition, with golds in discus, shot put, long jump and javelin, and silver in running. Mikulic was named as the most outstanding athlete for the 1975 FESPIC Games. He also competed in the 1976 Paralympics and in the 1977 FESPIC Games in Sydney.

John Martin won five gold and three silver medals.


Australia won 148 medals at the first FESPIC Games, second to host nation Japan in the overall medal count.