2014 Winter Paralympics Australian Team List

The members of the 2014 Australian Paralympic Team for the Sochi winter Paralympics were:



  • Chris Nunn – Chef de Mission
  • Caroline Walker –¬†Manager, Team Operations
  • Adam Cormack –¬†Team Attach√©
  • Tim Mannion –¬†Manager, Media and Communications
  • Sean Giles –¬†Manager, Multimedia
  • Steve Graham – Head Coach, Alpine
  • Michael Milton – Assistant Coach, Alpine
  • Peter Higgins – Coach, Snowboard
  • Alan Dean – Ski Technician
  • Francis “Spike” Kullas – Ski Technician
  • Dr Geoff Thompson – Team Doctor
  • Jonathon Davis –¬†Lead Physiotherapist
  • Joel Cook –¬†Physiotherapist
  • Markus Klusemann – Sport Scientist
  • Sarah Jack –¬†Sports Psychologist

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List of the members of the 2014 Australian Paralympic Team for the Sochi Games, with links to the members’ Wikipedia articles.