1992 Summer Barcelona Paralympics Australian Team list

The members of the 1992 Australian Paralympic Team for the Barcelona Summer Paralympics were:



  • George Dunstan¬†– Chef de Mission
  • Derry Beavis – Team Manager
  • Judy Haines – Administrative Secretary
  • Paul Griffiths – Media Director
  • Adrienne Smith –¬†Media Assistant
  • Paul Bird¬†– Amputee Section Manager
  • Gary Prior – Vision Impaired Section Manager
  • Cornelious Van Eldik – Cerebral Palsy Section Manager¬†
  • Michael Godfrey-Roberts – Wheelchair Section Manager
  • Dr John Burke – Team Medical Officer
  • Norma Beer – Team Sister
  • Jane Buckley – Head Physiotherapist
  • Nicola Meintjes – Physiotherapist
  • Don Perriman – Physiotherapist¬†
  • Greg Ungerer – Physiotherapist¬†
  • Lyn Wilcox- Medical
  • Joanne Sayers – Escort
  • Craig Jarvis – Escort
  • Rob Stubbs – Escort
  • Chris Nunn¬†– Coach Amputee Athletics
  • Karen Denman – Coach Cerebral Palsy Athletics
  • Jo Hogan – Coach Cerebral Palsy Athletics
  • Jenni Banks – Coach Wheelchair Athletics
  • David Reid –¬†Blind Athletics Manager
  • Trevor Goddard – Guide runner Athletics
  • Stuart Miller¬† – Guide runner Athletics
  • Rick Grant – Personal Attendant Athletics
  • Tom Organ – Manager Boccia
  • Ken Norris – Manager Cycling
  • Sam Theodore –¬† Manager Goalball
  • Karen Scott – Escort Goalball
  • Bruce Tatam –¬† Escort Judo
  • Anne Green – Coach Amputee Swimming
  • Phil Jose – Coach Cerebral Palsy Swimming
  • Kerry Smith¬†– Coach Cerebral Palsy Swimming
  • Ian McDowell-Jones – Manager Vision Impaired Swimming
  • Rowenna Toppenberg – Blind escort Swimming
  • Peter Corr – Coach Women’s Wheelchair Basketball
  • John Crossley – Escort Women’s Basketball
  • Michael Tucker – Coach Men’s Basketball
  • Graham Gould – Escort Men’s Basketball

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List of the members of the 1992 Australian Paralympic Team for the Barcelona Games, with links to the members’ Wikipedia articles.