1986 Surakarta FESPIC Games Australian Team

There is currently limited information about the 1986 Australian FESPIC Games Team, so this list is compiled from two different sources, held by Paralympics Australia. It consists of 77 athletes and 10 Team officials. However, the official figures show that Australia took a team of 113 athletes to the Games. As was the custom at that time, the Australian Team was divided into sub-teams by impairment type.



Amputee Team


  • Jane Ahern, (SA) Shooting
  • Robert Augustine, (WA) Basketball
  • Sandy Blythe, (WA) Basketball
  • Keith Bremner, (NSW) Shooting
  • Wayne Brittain, (SA) Shooting
  • Ron Burgess, (WA) Basketball
  • Russell Dransfield, (TAS) Bowls
  • Roy Fowler, (QLD) Bowls
  • Karina Gawlik, (SA) Athletics
  • Alan Jones, (NSW) Weightlifting
  • Robert Jordan, (NSW) Athletics
  • Stan Kosmala, (SA) Bowls
  • Stephen Lazarakis, (WA) Basketball
  • Matthew Le Busque, (QLD) Basketball
  • Don Lewis, (VIC) Archery
  • Arnie Money, (SA) Weightlifting
  • Nick Morozoff, (NSW) Basketball
  • Paul O’Brien, (QLD) Weightlifting
  • Michael O’Connor, (WA) Swimming
  • Danny O’Neill, (VIC) Archery
  • Don Palma, (WA) Weightlifting
  • Craig Petersen, (ACT) Table Tennis
  • Lorraine Pindan, (WA) Athletics
  • Dion Rewetti, (NSW) Basketball
  • Peter Robertson, (SA) Athletics
  • Craig Sayers, (VIC) Athletics
  • John Sheil, (NSW) Athletics, Table Tennis
  • Michael Walker, (VIC) Table Tennis
  • Bruce Wallrodt, (WA) Athletics
  • Steve Werfel, (SA) Archery
  • Keith White, (VIC) Bowls
  • Matthew Williamson, (SA) Athletics
  • Ros Wilton, (SA) Athletics
  • Rodney Young, (VIC) Basketball

Vision impaired Team

  • Patricia Hughes, Athletics
  • Warren McKennairey, (QLD) Athletics
  • Marilyn Mills, (NSW) Athletics
  • Patricia Molseed, (WA) Athletics
  • Michael Sadhu, Athletics
  • Simon Wong, (SA) Athletics

Category unclear

  • Michael Russel, Athletics
  • Colin Frape, Lawn Bowls
  • Alan Dunn, Lawn Bowls
  • Ron Gilshenan, Lawn Bowls
  • John Shepperd, Lawn Bowls
  • Max Carter, Lawn Bowls
  • Y. K. Stanislaw, Lawn Bowls
  • Christine Abela, Athletics


  • George Dunstan – Team Manager
  • Michael Godfrey-Roberts – Assistant Team Manager
  • Dr John Bourke  – Doctor
  • J Sayer – Nurse
  • M Bevan – Physiotherapist
  • J Haines
  • M Trewhella
  • D Thompson
  • Graham Gould
  • P Green

List of the members of the 1986 Australian FESPIC Games team with links to team members’ Wikipedia articles.