1968 Tel Aviv Paralympics Australian Team list

The members of the 1968 Australian Paralympic Team for the Tel Aviv summer Paralympics were:



  • Kevin Bawden – Archery, Dartchery, Table tennis, Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair fencing
  • John Beattie – Snooker
  • Felix Blums¬†– Archery, Swimming
  • Peter Burt – Athletics,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Brian Chambers¬† – Athletics, Swimming,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Kevin Coombs¬† – Athletics,¬†Table tennis,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Alan Conn¬†– Archery,¬†Dartchery,¬†Table tennis
  • Kevin Cunningham¬† – Athletics,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Lorraine Dodd¬† – Athletics, Swimming,¬†Table tennis
  • Elizabeth Edmondson¬†– Swimming
  • Roy Fowler¬†– Archery,¬†Dartchery
  • Gary Hooper¬† – Athletics, Swimming, Weightlifting,¬†Wheelchair fencing
  • Daphne Hilton (n√©e Ceeney) –¬†¬†Athletics, Swimming,¬†Table tennis,¬†Wheelchair fencing
  • Cherrie Ireland (n√©e Loydstrom) –¬†¬†Athletics, Swimming,¬†Table tennis
  • Sally Lamb¬†– Swimming
  • John Martin¬† – Athletics,¬†Table tennis,¬† Wheelchair basketball,¬†Wheelchair fencing
  • Bill Mather-Brown¬† – Athletics, Swimming¬†Table tennis,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Robert McIntyre¬† – Athletics,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Allan McLucas¬†– Archery,¬†¬†Athletics, Swimming,¬†Table tennis
  • Bruno Moretti¬† – Athletics,¬†Table tennis,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Kevin Munro¬† – Athletics
  • John Newton – Snooker,¬†Table tennis,¬†Wheelchair fencing
  • Marion O’Brien¬† – Athletics,¬†Table tennis
  • Frank Ponta¬† – Athletics, Swimming,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Vic Renalson¬† – Athletics, Weightlifting
  • Elaine Schreiber¬† – Athletics,¬†Table tennis
  • Jeff Simmonds¬†– Swimming
  • Noel Simmons –¬†¬†Athletics, Wheelchair basketball
  • Pam Smith¬†– Archery,¬†¬†Athletics,¬†Table tennis,¬†Wheelchair fencing
  • Tony South¬†– Archery,¬†Dartchery,¬†Table tennis
  • Don Watts¬†– Swimming, Table tennis,¬† Wheelchair basketball
  • Di Workman¬†– Archery,¬†¬†Athletics,¬†Wheelchair fencing


  • Dr John Yeo – Team Leader
  • George Bedbrook –¬†¬†Senior Medical Officer
  • John ‘Johnno’ Johnston – Team Manager
  • Elizabeth Kosmala (n√©e Richards) – Assistant Secretary
  • Mr Ashley Coops – Secretary
  • Mrs Aileen Coops – Attendant
  • Mr E. Kyle – Assistant Medical Officer
  • Miss D. Newton – Physiotherapist
  • Jan Hooper – Nurse
  • Kevin Betts¬†– Attendant
  • M. Wilson – Attendant
  • William ‘Bill’ Gibbs – Sports Instructor
  • J. McCafferty – Attendant
  • Miss Janet Tyler¬†– Nurse
  • Miss N. Joyce –¬† Nurse
  • J. Hooper – Assistant Sports instructor, Baggage Marshall
  • S.C. Chase – Assistant Baggage Marshall

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List of the members of the 1968 Australian Paralympic Team for the Tel Aviv Games, with links to the members’ Wikipedia articles.