1962 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games Australian Team list

The members of the 1962 Australian Commonwealth Paraplegic Team for the Perth Games Paralympics were:



  • Alan Robertson (Team Captain)
  • M. Bazeley – Swimming
  • Daphne Ceeney¬†– Archery, Athletics, Fencing, Swimming
  • Roger Cockerill¬†– Athletics, Table tennis, ¬†Weightlifting
  • G. Combes
  • Kevin Cunningham¬†– Athletics, Pentathlon, Swimming
  • Lorraine Dodd¬†– Archery, Athletics, Swimming, Table tennis
  • John Gidney – Athletics, Table tennis, Wheelchair basketball
  • Gary Hooper¬†– Athletics, Swimming, Weightlifting
  • Bill Mather-Brown¬†– Athletics, Swimming, Table tennis, ¬†Weightlifting, Wheelchair basketball
  • R. Maxwell – ¬†Athletics, Wheelchair basketball
  • Bruno Moretti¬†– Athletics, Table tennis, Weightlifting, Wheelchair basketball
  • Jim Newton – Archery, Table tennis
  • Christopher O‚ÄôBrien – Weightlifting, Wheelchair basketball
  • Frank Ponta¬†– Athletics, Fencing, Swimming, Table tennis
  • John Rein – Archery, Dartchery
  • Vic Renalson¬†– Weightlifting
  • Alan Robertson – Snooker
  • Margaret Ross¬†– Athletics, Swimming
  • Ross Sutton¬†– Archery, Dartchery, Fencing
  • David Tinsley – Archery, Athletics, Wheelchair basketball
  • Bruce Thwaites – Swimming, Weightlifting
  • John Turich – Athletics, Pentathlon, Weightlifting
  • Don Watts¬† – Swimming, Table tennis
  • Alan Yeomans – Swimming

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List of the members of the 1962 Australian Commonwealth Paraplegic Team for the Perth Games, with links to the members’ Wikipedia articles.